School Trips to York

School Trips to York

School Trips to York

School Trips to York

Uncover History on Primary School Trips to York สล็อตเว็บตรง
For young learners, primary school trips to great British cities are a fantastic opportunity to experience education away from home, and to learn about the incredible legacy of ages gone by in an inspiring environment. With its roots stretching back to at least the first century, and as a centre of the Industrial Revolution, York is an exciting destination that will bring students to life with an understanding of the role of history in contemporary society. With its fantastic collections of history, science and art, as well as its delightful historical landmarks, this capital of North Yorkshire is a great place to spend time and learn. Here are some of the great learning opportunities the city offers.

The Millennium Bridge School Trips to York

The Millennium Bridge is one of the most striking sites in the city, and no trip to York would be complete without a visit to it. Built in the year 2000, it is an incredible structure that shapes the river Thames into the famous Venn Square, named in honour of the Venn Circle, which is a legendaryurn used to signal an end to a war bygone era. The millennium bridge is of architectural significance, too, and has been meticulously preserved. It hosts a Should I Fly? exhibit and information desk, and can tell you all about your passport and air travel concerns should you need them. Should you decide not to apply for a passport, the information desk can also direct you to elsewhere in the city. School Trips to York

The National Railway Museum School Trips to York

This museum combines history with a modern touch. There are several different eras of steam trains available, as well as displays of diesel trains. The diesel trains in the museum actually date from the 1950s, as they were the earliest trains to be operated by the public. Steam trains operated throughout the UK, up until the early 1990s, many of them going to destinations right across the country. If you want to find out about steam trains, or hear a great deal about the history of the steam train, the National Railway Museum is a must see. School Trips to York

York Castle Museum School Trips to York

York castle is known as the “Pearl of the North”. In Viking times it was regarded as the ‘Flarest Crown in Europe’, due to its dominant position in the sky. Today, it provides a fascinating glimpse into York’s past. You can also enjoy therones walk, which depicts the history of the castle. York castle is also the largest medieval castle in the UK, with a history of its own.

The National Bank of Yorkshire

When it was founded in 1694, the Bank of Yorkshire was the first bank in the country, and the largest in the North. In addition to its impressive building, the bank also has a collection of unique artefacts. These include the only portrait of a woman in 700 years, the Astronomical Clock. The Bank of York also maintains a ancient oak tree, known as the Post oak, found in an archaeological dig on York’s River Ouse, outside the building.

York Castle Museum

This museum is in the old York castle, which has been carefully preserved. It has a small population of preserved examples of medieval craftsmanship. These include silverware and ornaments. The museum also has a permanent display on the Viking citytype.

York is a great place to visit if you are travelling with children. A wide range of activities and attractions await the young ones, and adults will also have a great time.

School Trips to York